About Us

Who am I?

Whether you are considering applying for disability benefits or have already applied and have been denied, I would like to assist you. Hello, my name is Tammie McCabe, and I am an Appointed Non-Attorney Representative with the Social Security Administration as well as an Accredited Veterans Disability Claims Agent with the Veterans Administration. I have over six years of experience and have represented hundreds of claimants. I have both the knowledge and experience necessary to achieve the best possible outcome in your claim.

Disability can be a very complex area of the law:

More than 68% of claims for disability compensation are initially denied. That is why you need someone in your corner who can knowledgeably assist you with your claim for compensation. 

Mission Statement:

I want to make sure that you get the benefits that you are entitled to, the benefits that you have worked and sacrificed for and the benefits you deserve. I want to provide those who need it with superior representation of their disability claim(s).